About Us

While advising and implementing from behind the scenes, as a Fractional CMO and CEO Team, Breakthrough3x helps clients

create a steady flow of leads, sales, and profits

that get results…

Our founder, Dan Kuschell, and his unique processes for marketing and sales, have become a "secret weapon" for Founders and CEOs - helping them to finally get unstuck, connect the dots, and see their blindspots, so they can have a bigger impact, reach, and contribution!

So what’s our secret?

Mission & Purpose

The Mission & Purpose of Breakthrough3X

Our Purpose: Help Founders and CEOs (maybe like you - who are 'visioneers' and 'imagineers’) eliminate sleepless nights by giving you a simple system to get clients daily and grow with less stress, so you can get out of the day to day and have a bigger impact.

Our Mission & Vision: Help 1,000 Founders and CEOs who are 'visioneers' and 'imagineers' grow their biz by at least $1 MIL in new business while also impacting a1 Billion people. Will you be one of our next?

What Does this Mean?: We're saving lives. We're saving families. We're saving marriages. We're helping people get healthier. We're giving CEOs, Founders, and creative geniuses called 'visioneers' and 'imagineers' permission to play big at home and in their business so they can have an even bigger impact!

Our 3 Main Core Values:

We Lead

with a
Hyper Growth Mindset

We Innovate

Through Collaboration
and Teamwork

We Create


by Staying Focused on Paying it Forward, Creating Value, and Coming from Contribution

What You'll Experience

Here’s a Sneak Peak

at Some of What You’ll Experience With the B3X Method™

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You're Just One Breakthrough Away...
A Quick Story

In 2007, Dan had a serious health scare that transformed the way he thinks about building businesses, that landed him in the hospital with a 1 in X chance of surviving. He considers himself lucky to have come through that, and lived to see his kids grow up.

Since that time, he has dedicated his time and energy to living on his own terms, while helping other companies grow, and working on fun projects with business owners and organizations that are making a positive impact.

Originally he did this to create a higher quality of life with his own family, and soon realized there could be many entrepreneurs who would benefit from his new breakthrough process.

This Is Why Top Experts Turn To Dan & Breakthrough3x When They Want To

Double or Triple Their Business (Quickly)

PLUS Reduce Complexity And Stress.

Dan’s clients and partners include some of today’s top business experts.

Including: Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish of Genius Network, Daniel Marcos and Verne Harnish of Growth Institute, Mike Agugliaro and Rob Zadoti of CEO Warrior, Dr. Cristy Lopez, Chris Attwood and Janet Attwood of Enlightened Alliances, Vinnie Fisher, and many more!

While each client is unique, all these companies came to Dan with a common goal of growing their company, having a global impact, and doing it with less work and less stress.

In many ways, Dan has been (as John Bowen, founder of the top coaching organizations for financial advisors, CEG Worldwide describes it),

“…a secret for a few entrepreneurs, until now.”

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Start with a simple call and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.
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Here's a Small Sampling of What Some Experts & Clients Have to Say

Dan Featured in Forbes, Influencive and Huff Post

Here's a Small Sample of Some of the Media We've Been Featured In


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Dan's Books

A Champion In The Making

AWAKEN THE CHAMPION IN YOUR LIFE BUSINESS AND RELATIONSHIPS… Strategies for greater confidence, capabilities, and clarity in a simple, fun, and easy to read book

BootStrap Business

Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding but is usually a tough endeavor when first starting out. Bootstrap Business, gives you direct access to the best advice from the top experts in business today.

Walking With The Wise

Five unique sections cover overcoming obstacles, how your thinking determines your life, business success, personal health, and family.

The Worst-Case Scenario Business Survival Guide

How to Survive the Recession, Handle Layoffs,Raise Emergency Cash, Thwart an Employee Coup,and Avoid Other Potential Disasters.

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Start with a simple call and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.
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