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Business Growth Coaching

Grow With Less Stress: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Working With a Business Growth Coach

As a business owner, founder, or CEO, you probably face many daily challenges. You might be looking to get more clients daily, grow your cash flow, or get to the next level without more work.

You’re also used to wearing a lot of hats and putting out a lot of fires as you build a high performance business.

It’s in your DNA.

And sometimes, it’s easy to get burned out if you try to take on all the things it takes to run your business.

Because let’s face it. In the words of Dr Seuss, “what got us here, what get us there”.

And that’s where business growth coaching can help.

A business growth coach can help you simplify, get more clarity, confidence, and direction.

And a business growth coach that specializes in growing companies can help you get more clients daily, and exponentially grow with far less stress.

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What Is Business Growth Coaching?

With business growth coaching, you and your leadership team partner with a professional growth coach to challenge the ways you approach business goals and invent new strategies to help your company grow.

Done correctly, you can expect the coaching process and strategic planning set the stage for you to get to the next level and grow exponentially with less stress.

However, a good business growth coach, will offer you ore than just a traditional business plan or strategic planning to help you build a better business.

A great business growth coach will do those things and help you focus on implementation.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Ideas and strategy combined with implementation can be a game changer.

When you decide to use a business growth coach, you’re bringing a strategic growth partner onto your team to help facilitate growth, teamwork, decision making, and the strategic mindset so you can grow your impact and profitability.

Sure, you can learn a lot of great advice on running a successful business from a book.

You can even attend a conference, event, mastermind, or seminar.

And let’s face it, the world as we know it is changing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now available to help you solve some basic inquiries. However, it’s far from advanced enough to help you at a deep level.

Plus, there’s generic advice from someone who is a jack of all trades versus being a specialist.

There is nothing better than working side by side with someone who is a co-pilot to your success that is a specialist at what they do; where they are aligned with your core-values, and you’re building a strategic plan combined with implementation to solve the biggest challenges in your business.

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What Does Business Growth Coaching Include?

Companies and individuals have various methods for providing business growth coaching, and here’s a glance at some of the services that can be included:

  • An assessment to identify the bottlenecks, roadblocks, and opportunities for growth in your business. There’s nothing worse than flying blind. It’s critical to identify where you are, where you want to go, what’s been getting the way, and then give you a strategic plan to get there.
  • A clear process to identify your business goals, get your team in alignment with your core values, and then an action plan to accomplish them.
  • A system for growth: this can usually include a custom blueprint for your business with a proven model to help you boost cash flow, decrease expenses, and save time. Ideally, you’ll find a specialist in a given area. For example, for operations, find a specialist in operations. If you want to get more new clients, find someone that is a specialist in marketing and sales. Make sense? (NOTE: Beware of a business growth coaching model that is a one-size fits all approach instead of something customized to you and your business. Despite what a lot of companies will tell you, your business situation is unique.)
  • In addition, it’s common to get one on one coaching, guidance and peer support (sometimes referred to as coaching sessions) along with some community interaction with group coaching. The bottom line is all sessions are geared to provide you an action plan for that given week or period of time to help you get to the next level in your business.
  • Accountability: A solid business growth coaching model will provide you a method of accountability, tracking, and reporting to tune in to know how you’re winning and getting to that next level. Remember Pearsons Law: That which is measured, grows. That which is measured and reported, grows exponentially.
  • And then there’s the focus on implementation. Do you really need more ideas? Ideas are great, however the fastest path to get to the next level is combining all of the above concepts with rapid implementation. Implementation creates momentum, progress, and greater leaders.
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Many business leaders, founders, CEOs and owners spend a lot of time stuck working in their companies instead of working on it.

Your business coach can show you how to get unstuck, get out of the day to day, and create freedom. Whether it’s just saving a few hours a week, or setting your business up so you can completely exit running it, or even setting things up so you sell it, or go public, a good business growth coach can help you.

Should You Hire a Business Growth Coach?

Growth coaches can help you get to the next level, build new businesses or divisions, expand your impact, reach, and more.

In fact, what are some common traits of the most successful companies in the world?

The founders and key people running those companies worked with a business growth coach.

Many famous founders including Steve Jobs (Apple), Evan Sharp (Pinterest), Eric Schmidt (Google), and Bill Gates (Microsoft), hired business coaches.

What does that tell you?

Even if you’re already successful, the top most successful people are looking for slight edge strategies to get to the next level.

Where and How Can You Find a Reputable Business Growth Coach?

Today’s technology allows online business coaches to assist you remotely. Shared documents and video conferencing bring people together effectively. Online business growth coaching gives you access to a wide selection of providers and is often more flexible than hiring a local coach.

The key is to find the most qualified business coach for your situation.

Buyer beware. The explosion of business coaching has opened the door to many people who have been trained to be a business coach, but they don’t necessarily have the experience in building, growing, selling companies – and likely dealing with the problems you face every day in your business.

So make sure to do your homework.

When you begin your search for a business coach, consider the specialty for what you’re looking for. Do you need help with sales, marketing, or your entire business structure?

Most companies under $20 MILLION that don’t get clients daily, may find a lot of value finding a business growth coach that specializes in helping to get a marketing and selling system in place.

Yet, for others, it might be best to find someone that is a specialist in operations, finance, or fulfillment.

Whatever you decide on the specialty you need, you can find business coaching services through:

  • LinkedIn
  • Referrals
  • Websites that advertise several coaching services
  • Online searches

It’s helpful to do thorough research on potential coaches. Read and consider their reviews and look for articles or videos that explain their approach, core values, philosophy, and business goals.

Bottom line:

  • What is their track record at helping companies like yours get to the next level?
  • Have they ever run their own business?
  • What type of track record do they have doing what you want to do – in getting clients, hiring, scaling, building a team, systematizing your business, making it run like a franchise, and more?

If you bring on a business growth coach, you’ll be in a close relationship with them. Like all relationships, make sure it’s a fit for you and your situation.

There’s no sense in hiring a business growth coach that helps you get to the next level if they are not aligned with you.

For example, are you a hard charger, creative, have lots of ideas, and love to go very fast?

No matter how experienced a business coach is, if they are not used to dealing with that personality and type of founder (or not that type themselves), it will be hard for them to really be in sync with you.

And that turns into a relationship that is a draining instead of one that is one that appreciates, enhances, and leverages each other to grow and get to the next level.

Bottom line, make sure they are a fit for you, and you are a fit for them.

They must have the skills and experience to help you and your situation, as well as really understand your way of communicating.

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How Is Breakthrough3x Different From Other Business Growth Coaching Services?

Most business coaches provide advice and mentoring. We do that also, but we stand out because we give you access to team members to help you implement your new strategies. We serve like a fractional CMO and CEO for your organization, and that also give you access to our team of:

  • Content writers, copywriters, and an SEO team
  • Email marketing experts
  • Graphic designers
  • Sales and marketing advisors
  • Tech and traffic experts
  • Web developers
  • and more…

Our team becomes your team and ultimately saves you time and money.

Our main focus is to help you get a marketing and selling system in place to get you leads and clients daily, grow exponentially, and escape the traps of the day to day.

This means you can stay focused in your ‘lane of genius’ or in your ‘sweet spot’ and we can be the co-pilot or right-arm for you to help you get clients daily, grow exponentially, and help you get to the next level – without the stress, headaches, or costs of having to hire, train, and manage all of these people yourself.

PLUS, we offer our variety of services with a Performance Based Model – meaning, that our fees are based on you getting results.

If you grow, then we grow. The more success you have, the more success we have. We have a mutual interest in your success: together.

That helps eliminate the risk and gives us both the opportunity to grow our impact.

And we’ve been able to help over 5,000 CEOs and Founders from over 180 industries, in 13 countries over the last 30 years. We’ve helped our clients – maybe like you – get free from the day to day, exit the business, sell the business, and even set up to go public.

And, the Founder of our company has sold two of his businesses along the way – as well as having equity interest in multiple companies.

In fact, before he sold one of his two companies, he had built the foundation of the marketing and selling system we’ll introduce you to that generated over 10,000 leads daily and over 1,500 clients per week.

How could this experience help you?

If you’re looking for a way to get to the next level, get new clients daily, grow exponentially, while escaping the day to day traps, then let’s have a conversation and see if we’re a fit for each other.

It’s easy to do by going here: INSERT TRACKING URL

How Does Business Growth Coaching Work?

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A successful partnership with a business growth coach has several components. You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”?

Your coach will not only help you to see each tree clearly, but you’ll also learn to see the entire forest.

Instead of being bogged down with minute details, you can focus on the big picture, which is your company as a whole.


When you begin business growth coaching, the first step is to have in-depth conversations about where your company is right now and where you’d like to be in the future. You’ll look at things like:

  • Sales methods and figures
  • Profits
  • Conversions
  • Marketing strategy effectiveness
  • Goals

Your business coach needs to have a deep understanding of your brand, your company’s goals, your target customers, and the ways you define and reach them. Whether you want to grow your company into a huge corporation or just enough to sustain a dependable income, your business growth coach can help.

One of the most valuable assets you can have is a custom marketing plan blueprint. This goes way beyond a traditional business plan which is usually obsolete by the time it’s done. A custom marketing plan blueprint gives you clarity on your message, model, methodology, offer, and ultimately your system for growth, high performance and greater impact.


When you and your business coach have clearly defined your goals, the next step is to create a strategy and implementation plan to reach them. What works well for one company won’t necessarily help another, so you need to develop a customized plan.

Your coach has the experience and knowledge to help you design an effective approach to reach your goals. This plan might include:

  • Redesigning your website
  • Implementing email marketing
  • Using search engine optimization to your advantage
  • Developing new marketing campaigns
  • Leveraging hidden assets – that are in plain site
  • Building an ROI positive traffic system
  • and more
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Business growth coaching provides mentoring, training, insights, and advice throughout your relationship. Your coach supplies actionable plans and strategies to help you reach business and personal goals. These goals might be:

  • Having a better work-life balance
  • Increasing sales
  • Reaching more potential clients
  • Attaining specific sales, client, and profit numbers
  • Escaping the traps of the day to day
  • Getting out of having to do sales for your company
  • Eliminating meetings daily and weekly
  • Getting a stronger system in place so you can easily take time off
  • and more


Remember that when you choose Breakthrough3X, we’ll provide an additional component. We want to ensure your success, so we give you the option of using our implementation team of talent.

Is Business Growth Coaching Right for You?

Working side by side a business coach can help founders, CEOs, business owners and leaders maybe like you identify and refine the way you think about potential issues so that you can make more effective decisions in the future.

There are many moving parts to your business. You are an expert at delivering your solution to your clients. You probably LOVE delivering your solution to your client. Your solution can change lives.

However, the other parts of running a business can get in the way.

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So, what do you do?

You can choose to learn all the different parts of the business like finance, operations, marketing, sales, service, culture, leadership and more, or you can bring in experts who have experience and a level of mastery in those areas.

A lot of founders, CEOs, and business owners try and take the approach to master all of these areas in their business – especially when they’re under $10 MIL per year.

Oftentimes, it leads to frustration, overwhelm, slow growth, and burn out.

You don’t have to go at it alone.

In some ways, it’s kind of like sport. Let’s say that your child wants to be a star pitcher, but you’re not able to help with training. What would you do?

You could get a book on it and hand it to your child. You could get a book yourself. You could read it and then try and teach your child.

You could have your child watch YouTube videos or the equivalent online to teach you and your child.

You could buy a course to help.

Or you could hire a qualified expert and coach that has helped hundreds or thousands of kids to work side by side with your child.

Which one would likely get you the greatest results in the shortest time?

You can apply that same strategy to business growth coaching.

You’ll benefit from business growth coaching if you:

  • Are not an expert at marketing, selling, finance, or operations
  • Want to buy and leverage speed (someone else’s experience and mastery helps you get unstuck, avoid the landmines, and bypass some of the common mistakes)
  • Want your company to grow, but you’re not sure how to accomplish it
  • Worry about finding new clients and keeping those you already have
  • Understand that you can get to the next level quicker when you have someone to hold you accountable – and has a direct interest in your success
  • Can accept that you have strengths and weaknesses and understand that a qualified expert can help you create a system to leverage those skills with proven business systems – which means you can grow faster with less stress
  • Preparing to get a high valuation for your business with the idea that you want to sell, exit, or go public
  • And more.

The key to remember is that your coach can help you, but you need to be willing to do your part. It’s a 50/50 relationship. You bring your drive, desire, hunger and follow through, and your business growth coach can bring their wisdom, experience, and strategies – along with the team to help you implement.

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How Can Business Growth Coaching Help You Personally?

Not only will your company see improvements, but you stand to see personal benefits as well.

These can help you to lead more effectively and achieve more in business and your personal life as well.

A good coach will be well rounded to help you grow your business in a healthy way where you’re not giving your health and your family leftovers.

You can be fit and healthy as well as have a great quality of life with your kids, family, spouse, and friends. If you’ve ever felt that you had to give up those things or you had to sacrifice to get what you want from your business, it may be time to get a business coach.

Business growth coaches can also provide you unbiased opinions about your company from an outsider’s perspective. They’ll point out processes that work and others that need improvement.

These insights can be invaluable because they help you to develop the leadership skills you need to make your business thrive.

A good business coach wants more than to help your business in the short term. They also want to show you how they work so you can succeed in the future by using the skills they teach you.

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You may have only vague ideas of what you want your business to achieve and what success means to you. Business growth coaching helps you to clearly define those thoughts and find actionable avenues to reach your goals


When you’re in charge, you’re not held accountable for your actions or inactions often. That makes it easy to ignore things you need to do.

Your coach knows your goals and the plans to accomplish them. They’ll hold you accountable for doing your part to achieve them.

Soft Skills

Good leaders need to develop soft skills to help them succeed. Business growth coaching teaches you:

  • Effective problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Active listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to listen to constructive criticism
  • Communication skills

All of these areas affect your relationships with your employees and others. When people have confidence in your ability to lead them, they’re more likely to follow and become valuable assets.


As you learn more about yourself and develop leadership skills through business growth coaching, you’ll also become more confident in your abilities. Your productivity will likely increase as a result, along with positive business and personal growth.


The best leaders are able to recognize their weaknesses along with their strengths. Weaknesses in some areas don’t equate to failure; instead, they show you areas for improvement. Addressing them and finding ways to overcome them benefits you personally and in your role as a business leader.

Honest self-analysis and self-awareness help you to create a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. It can also inspire others around you to do the same.

Blind Spots

Nobody knows everything there is to know. The problem is that you’re sometimes unaware you’re missing something that could benefit you. Most people won’t tell those in positions of power that they could do better in certain areas.

Business growth coaching will identify and point out your blind spots. Your coach’s experience qualifies them to give you accurate and honest insights.


As a business owner or executive, everyone in your company or team looks to you for leadership. You probably think you should have solutions to every question or problem. You likely don’t want to discuss your vulnerabilities with anyone inside your organization, and that can create additional stress.

Your coach is the ideal person to share your concerns with. They understand your organization and can give you helpful feedback. You can also bounce ideas off them without the fear of seeming weak or incompetent.

Your Custom Style

Every business owner has a unique leadership style, but they don’t always use their strengths. Business growth coaching helps company owners to identify their style. With this insight, you can make your company work better for you, even if it means redesigning the business to suit your strengths.

When your organization fits you better, you can see many benefits, such as

  • More complete personal fulfillment
  • Less stress
  • More profits
  • Overcoming limitations


Many business owners and executives dedicate most of their time and effort to their company, and personal relationships and their health can suffer greatly. You’ll lose effectiveness if you don’t make time for self-care and life outside of work.

Business growth coaching can help you to achieve a healthy balance in all areas of your life. Your quality of life is just as important as — or more important than — your business success.

Though you probably have employees who depend on you and your business for their livelihoods, you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

Anyone who has flown has heard flight attendants say that you should put your own oxygen mask on before you try to assist others.

Likewise, you have to take care of your own needs so you can be effective in helping others with theirs.

Is Hiring a Business Growth Coach Worth the Investment?

Newspaper with computer on table

Of course, every situation is different.

If you don’t get a positive ROI or experience, then it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, what’s will it cost you in terms of time, lifestyle, and money if you don’t?

That will vary based on your situation.

A business growth coach is not a silver bullet or magic button solution (and any coach who suggest that they are is likely not a good coach).

Your results will vary based on a variety of factors related to you and your business.

If you find a business growth coach that uses a performance-based model, like we do at Breakthrough3x, you have a greater opportunity for growth and impact.

A performance-based structure minimizes your risk while allowing you to benefit from the wisdom, insights, strategies you receive.

A good business growth coach relationship ideally will be free to you directly and indirectly.

That relationship ideally will help enhance, appreciate, utilize, multiply, reward you financially, lead to referrals, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to get a system in place for your marketing and sales so you can get clients daily, grow exponentially, and escape the day to day traps of your business, then let’s have a conversation and see if our approach as a Fractional CMO and CEO team – as we provide your business growth coaching is a fit for you.

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Are You Ready To Start Creating Your Blueprint for Success?

Breakthrough3x can help you escape the day to day traps, mistakes, and sleepless nights that come with running a successful business.

We’ve been able to help more than 5,000 business owners and CEOs from 13 countries in over 180 niche industries, and we are standing by ready to help you, too.

If we’re a fit, we’ll help you get a marketing and sales system in place to bring you clients daily, grow exponentially, and get free from the day to day.

There are two ways we can help you right away:

1 – Interested in learning more? Let’s have a conversation and see if we’re a fit. We’ll have you take our unique Business Growth Assessment that identifies where you are, where you want to go, the things getting in the way of your growth, and then we can provide you a custom solution to make it real. Go here for your FREE consultation now.

2 – Download our free Business Growth Toolkit to learn more about solving some of the challenges company owners and CEOs face. You’ll get the simple Marketing Plan Blueprint Checklist, Hiring Checklist, CEOs Checklist, and our unique 12-step checklist that turns Conversations into Conversions, Clients, and Referrals.